Overzicht van producten van fabrikant Funky XS

In 2008 Lisette started Funky XS. It was very small, because she had just given birth to my eldest son. A new world opened for her. She enjoyed all those beautiful & hip items. However, Lisette still missed something essential on the market: beautiful quality children’s clothing with a perfect fit and in particular cool prints and much more colour.
In the years before she worked as a buyer at a large retailer, she already knew about materials, patterns and quality … and this is how the idea started to start an own kid’s line with Funky XS.

The first collection consisted of about 10 t-shirts with prints! The first retailers were soon interested and they went to fairs where they welcomed new retailers and added them to their customer base.

Now 10 years later they have built up a fine group of customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. The collection does not only consist of T-shirts anymore, but Funky XS can offer a complete picture, which is also very finely mixed & matched. In this way all children can be funky from top to bottom.

Geen producten van deze fabrikant.